WildlifeOfCanada.com is the inspiration of photographer Ric Wallace of Virtual Edge Communications. Our objective is to capture the natural beauty of Canada’s diverse wildlife.

Ric and Sheila have travelled Canada extensively – and hope to soon cover more territory – photographing Canada’s majestic scenery and abundant wildlife. Birds, bears, bighorn sheep, elk… all are fair game for our cameras!

Ric is a photographer and webmaster who loves to shoot wildlife with a camera instead of a gun in order to produce lasting images for all to enjoy. The wildlife and scenery he’s captured have inspired him to reproduce his images for others to enjoy as postcards.

Sheila is also an avid photographer with strong darkroom (outdated) and Photoshop skills for digital image management. Travelling and photographing with Ric across Canada is an adventure she hopes will continue for many years to come.



When travelling abroad, our postcards make amazing gifts that you can share to promote WildlifeOfCanada.com, as well as Canada in all its glory. Our WhiteRockBeach.ca  postcards have already been a big hit in Africa where some are now in the hands of Kenyan citizens who were delighted to see an image of a simple seagull – a bird they’d never seen before.


If you’d like to support our efforts in bringing these images into your home via your computer, consider a donation to this site. Or get something in return by buying some of our products: postcards, coins, pins, and magnets.

Thanks for visiting WildlifeOfCanada.com!

We  also have some birds in our WhiteRockBeach.ca postcards. The WildlifeOfCanada.com website idea and postcards were inspired by the WhiteRockBeach.ca postcards as there was a demand for the birds and Marvin the Marmot designs. We decide to do a whole line of wildlife images.  Thanks should also go to the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary  5191 Robertson Road, Delta BC V4K 3N2 for wanting some bird postcards to sell in their gift shop.

We sell all 40 WhiteRockBeach.ca postcards online