Tricks for photographing dark coloured wildlife

IMG_2269-EditPhotographing dark subjects like a crow at White Rock Beach can be done by overriding your camera’s settings and over exposing the image to add detail to the shadows. The image on the computer can be darkened to desired density. If you bring some peanuts, the crows will even pose for pictures.


Many years ago before digital imaging, I photographed (using a film camera) a body builder from Jamaica who had a rich black skin tone, as dark as the crow above. I had over exposed 1.5 f stops over normal exposure and adjusted the exposure for the B&W prints in the darkroom. The customer, who also worked for a company as a security guard, had an ID badge displaying a Polaroid image that left him unrecognizable. When I had the prints ready for pickup, the customer was ecstatic as he had never seen himself in photos before. All photos of him in the past were too dark for his complexion. His mother in Jamaica cried when she saw her son for the first time in a photo and ordered over $200 in prints — a lot for the time.

baker-02jpgMy photo mission in Semiahmoo Bay was not to shoot some crows, but to take some photos of the Cascade mountains to be used in banners to promote Virtual Edge Communications.



The above banner was created from the blue mountain photo above and the tiger stripe ice cream clouds below.



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Every famous White Rock Beach sunset is different.
Our front yard!