Wildlife of Canada postcards NOW on Sale in #SouthSurrey, #WhiteRock, & #Delta

WOC-anies-01Anie Wolf of Anie’s Beach Mart located on the beautiful west beach of White Rock Beach above is holding her 2 favorite Wildlife of Canada postcards (a White Squirrel & a Grey Squirrel) and poses with Lottery Squirrels, Lucky & Sugar-toes. With a last name like Wolf, you have to be a lover of Canada’s Wildlife.



White Rock BC Photo Restoration  Ric Wallace can bring FADED or partially lost PHOTOS back to LIFE
Old, torn and sometimes photos in two or more pieces can be restored to their original state or better. Ric Wallace does a high resolution scan from your original image and electronically uses a computer to do the retouching and corrections. High quality photographic prints can be obtained from the computer file. The computer file can be supplied on CD/ DVD, USB, or downloaded from the internet to ensure exact copies can be made for years to come, with no loss in quality like prints made from negatives which will degrade over time.


Anie is also the owner of the Dingo Bar, where Dogs, Dingos and Crows drink for FREE.



About Ric Wallace

Ric sees the world in pictures and has the talent to tell a story without saying a word. He speaks through the images he creates, whether for business or pleasure. Wildlife photography is one of his great passions.

WildlifeOfCanada.com is the inspiration of photographer Ric Wallace of Virtual Edge Communications. Our objective is to capture the natural beauty of Canada’s diverse wildlife.