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Wildlife of Canada postcards NOW on Sale in #SouthSurrey, #WhiteRock, & #Delta

WOC-anies-01Anie Wolf of Anie’s Beach Mart located on the beautiful west beach of White Rock Beach above is holding her 2 favorite Wildlife of Canada postcards (a White Squirrel & a Grey Squirrel) and poses with Lottery Squirrels, Lucky & Sugar-toes. With a last name like Wolf, you have to be a lover of Canada’s Wildlife.




Anie is also the owner of the Dingo Bar, where Dogs, Dingos and Crows drink for FREE.



The really famous #Squirrel Pins as seen on #TLC’s The #Lottery Changed My Life on sale at

Lucky Black Squirrel Pins

There are no mystical powers to any Lottery Charm® found on this site; the power is in the belief you put into them.

Disclaimer: We are giving personal experiences and do NOT guarantee
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Lucky Sean wrote:

I just wanted to let you know I ordered a lucky squirrel pin in March. I had my Lotto MAX ticket pinned to my bulletin board for the June 18th, 2010 draw and I won $409,014.60.
(6 out of 7 plus the bonus #)

This story has been verified and the Lucky Black Squirrel pin was ordered March, 23, 2010 by PayPal.

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